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MEMBER 198 writes:

"A couple of weeks ago I noted in Member Feedback - see Member 189 in 2012 TAXVINE No 35 (14 September 2012) - that the ATO was sending me mail that was not for any client in this practice. We advised the ATO and they said SORRY our error, we have fixed it (it is the system), but it has happened again same non client, same practice name (ours) same address (ours). Please, Mr Commissioner, fix yourself! Naturally this communication is put through the shredder without opening the mail as we have already received your assurance that the matter is fixed.

On another note Mr Commissioner can you please STOP sending statements of account a day or two after the NOA where there is no value to the communication. For example, today (21 September 2012) I received statements of account for two clients who were non taxable in the relevant years and the SOA indicated several lines of NILS - what is the point of this!? It is just more work all round for all of us.

Cheers to staff at TAXVINE."

And MEMBER 198 writes, again:

"Further to previous correspondence re non-clients, this morning (24 September 2012) we get a phone call from the ATO (1300 661 508) asking why two individual clients have not lodged their tax returns - ATO provided initials and surname and nothing else. Client was unfamiliar to us and not on our system, we decided to check the Tax Agent Portal, no person by the name provided was listed for whom we are agents. What the heck is going on? Does this mean that the ATO is going to ring us about every taxpayer, it is yet another waste of time by the ATO. Surely the ATO check their system to see if we are the taxpayer's registered agent or if we are no longer the registered agent; when did we cease to be their agent. In most instances we are not nurse maids to our clients, but surely we can expect the ATO to be professional and not 'cold call' us without better information concerning the matter over which they are contacting us.

Again, Mr Commissioner, NOT 'BETTER WAYS'.

Cheers from me again...can The Tax Institute actually get a response about these matters from the ATO?"

THE TAX INSTITUTE’S TAX COUNSEL, STEPHANIE CAREDES, COMMENTS: “We have spoken with Member 198 and note that this matter is being dealt with. The Tax Institute offers to all our members experiencing issues in their dealings with the ATO our assistance to resolve these matters expeditiously. Please email us at should you require our assistance at all.”

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