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The ATO responds to an issue raised by MEMBER 50 in 2014 TaxVine No 14 (9 May 2014) about the difficulty of meeting the 85% lodgment deadlines.

“The 85% on-time lodgment performance is taken from returns received by the lodgment program due date or where a deferral is granted, the deferred due date.

Processing of lodgment deferral applications may take up to 28 days during peak lodgment dates. If you make an application for a deferral and it is not processed before the original due date passes, there is a possibility of an overdue lodgment reminder or penalty warning notice being issued to you or your client.

In these instances, if your deferral request is approved and the deferred due date is applied, you do not need to take any action on overdue lodgment reminders or penalty warning notices you may receive during that period.

Additionally, we have co designed with practitioners a new set of deferral application forms for the 2014-15 financial year.

The new forms are streamlined and remove many of the labels and information requirements of the current forms. This will lead to a quicker turnaround time for when you make the request and for our staff processing requests. Key changes to the new forms include:

  • new terminology to better reflect how you use and apply for deferrals
  • a self-assessed deferral will be called Agent assessed deferral
  • a request for additional time to lodge where you have assessed deferral is not appropriate will be called ATO assessed deferral.”
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