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MEMBER 138 writes:

"Member 122 - see 2013 TAXVINE No 22 - complained of the stupidity and lack of urgency attaching to the issue of ABNs and their appearance on the website.

I have a client who, wishing to acquire a substantial business with 30 employees, and over 300  customer clients and wanted to take over on 1 July. 

I applied for an ABN, TFN and group employer PAYG registration on 15 May.

Being a good and patient accountant, I waited until 10 June to check if an ABN had issued.  No it had not, nor had the TFN.

My client wanted to have a bank account opened when he commenced on 1 July.

He needed finance approved and paid to the previous owner prior to 1 July. The bank and finance provider want an ABN prior to settlement.

Because I stated on the ABN application that business would commence on 1 July, the ATO stated that they would not process and advise of the registrations until 1 July. Who in God's name hired the policy guru that dictated this policy?

Frustrated squared."