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04 Apr 1313 More on amended tax returns

MEMBER 68 who, in 2013 TAXVINE No 8 (15 March 2013), wrote as Member 44 about the ATO's failure to deal correctly with amended returns, writes again:
"As Member 44, I had a whinge about the ATO not reading amendment requests in that they just add the income from the current return to the existing data. If a field had a number in it when the original return was lodged and now no longer has a number in that field, the number stays and gets added to the total income, giving an incorrect result.
For the client mentioned in my previous feedback, I lodged a third amendment and got the same result. Nothing was read and the income did not change. I have now resorted to lodging an online message requesting that someone read the amendment details and fix the problem. It certainly appears that the ATO refuses to acknowledge that they make mistakes, but then again, if you do nothing, you cannot make a mistake. Come on ATO, get your act together."

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