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MEMBER 85 writes:

"I am writing in response to Members 80 and 81 in last week's TAXVINE - see 2014 TAXVINE No 24 (11 July 2014) - regarding the annual PAYG instalment notices. We too have had a significant number of instalment notices issued that are based on the 2012 year tax rather than 2013, and all of these are for clients who were either told they wouldn’t have any further instalments or had final returns lodged for them for 2013.

The dates shown on them seem to cover the period from 1/7/13 to the end of the quarter prior to being told they were no longer in the system.

On accessing the Tax Agent Portal to see if they can be varied to nil, I discovered that the notices can’t be accessed. From this I can only assume that the ATO have realized their error and are in the process of fixing it – or maybe that is a little optimistic?

And for those returns lodged as finals in 2013, you guessed it, the portal lodgment status area is expecting a 2014 return!

At the moment we are holding onto these instalment notices in the hope that they are rightly cancelled by the ATO and hopefully some sort of correspondence is received to confirm that. This is necessary because while we might realize the error for those posted to us, I imagine there are a significant number of notices that have gone directly to our clients who will possibly pay them after they are cancelled, leaving a credit in their integrated client accounts that we will have to apply to have refunded."