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MEMBER 248 writes:

"It may not be tax related but Wow, ASIC must have contracted the ATO computer people to implement their business name renewal system. Talk about over-complicating a simple system. Only federal public servants could come up with this lot.

I just went through the system to renew a business name of mine (why so hard?) and then two months later I get a PAYMENT OVERDUE notice for something I have paid. More hurdles to jump through to try to rectify. I will wait in vain to see if they fix the problem.

Every client that has had to renew a business name complains to me about the system involved. Recently one client was telling me about problems he had renewing as he does not have access to computers. Where does he go? Why not just send out an invoice and if it gets paid, then renew the business name; if not paid, it gets cancelled. How hard does it need to be?

Does the Federal Government want small business?"