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MEMBER 88 writes:
"I have received this morning (24 May 2013) a letter from the ATO to an ex-client, requesting lodgment of tax returns for 2010/2011/2012, or referral to a collection agency will next occur. I assisted the taxpayer to lodge her 2005 to 2009 returns in February 2010. I have never been paid for the work despite several follow up letters and demands, all to no avail. Her anticipated refunds were swallowed up by Centrelink for overpaid benefits. In due course, I deleted her from my Tax Agent Client List in (about) April 2011. I received an ATO letter in June 2012 regarding overdue tax returns, and returned that letter marked 'No Longer Client'.
Today, I receive another ATO letter. So much for following procedures to delete clients from my client list! Just to make sure that this was correct, accessing the Portal reports, I am informed that I am 'not authorised' to review the taxpayer details. So my question to the ATO is: Do you maintain 2 Agent lists? It would seem that one list used by the Portal is correctly reflecting this taxpayer is NOT my client, yet somewhere else, another list says to send me notices on behalf of a taxpayer who was once, but no longer, a client. I have wasted time and resources dealing with this matter, again!!
My summation is that the ATO systems and its u-beaut whizz-bang computer system DO NOT WORK. It is an unchanged opinion, formed many long days ago!
'I need another coffee to calm me down' (with thanks to 'Skyhooks for the quote)."

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