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02 Jul 1010 More on ATO correspondence re work related expenses

In last week's TAXVINE - 2010 TAXVINE No 26 (25 June 2010) - Member 192 commented that they regarded as offensive the ATO's letters to clients about claims for work related expenses.

MEMBER 193 now writes:

"Member 192, you have only received a letter in relation to work expenses. This week we received that letter and two others, one about dividend income and one about rental expenses. How dare the ATO write direct to our clients when their address for services of notices is our address. I have had numerous clients who have never had a problem with the ATO, some for 50years or more, receive a letter direct from the ATO almost warning them that Big Brother is watching. Why don't they do more computer maintenance instead of scaring honest people? Maybe, of course, the Computer is acting without Human instruction."

MEMBER 194 writes:

"I support fully the comments from Member 192 last week. To receive a letter like this paints a picture, real or imagined does not matter, that a taxpayer's tax agent may not be fully trustworthy. To recommend further action that does not include speaking with the tax agent is a back-handed slap for all tax agents. I take great offence at such inference.

The ATO may be sending these letters for a much less suspicious reason, but they have, again, not thought through the whole process, and its consequences. And I think we are left with no right-of-reply??

Is there no consultation with any membership body before these letters are printed and posted? I certainly think there should be a great degree of collaboration by the ATO whenever such a post-out is deemed necessary. And our membership bodies must be more forthright in the protest at such a slight on us all."

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