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MEMBER 201 writes:

"Member 192 had one letter. Member 193 had three letters.

I have received five types of letters - my clients must all be HOPELESS.

1. Work related expenses
2. Rental Property Income & Expenses letter - type 1
3. Rental Property Income & Expenses letter - type 2
4. Dividend income
5. Capital Gains Tax

Anyone beat FIVE?"

MEMBER 202 writes:

"Knowing that the ATO send such rude letters to our clients (refer Members 193 & 194 in last week's TAXVINE), as from 1/7/2009, whenever I lodged a Taxation Return for clients - or any other correspondence for clients, I changed the client's residential address to my postal address and hence now I get all these letters and you can guess where I put them!! Anyway why does the ATO send letters to our clients' residential addresses?
Also recently - last week we received a client's refund cheque with over $1,900 unpaid and put to the client's RBA. Checked the Portal and yes the RBA was in credit for the same amount. So I had to ask for a cheque and also explain to my client where the balance of his refund was and then when I receive the cheque I will then again post it to him. I thought that this was not supposed to happen again - no Income Tax Instalments are owing at this time of year so why did the ATO take part of this refund? Who is going to pay for my time wasted?

On another note we received a call from ATO asking whether my client, who that same day had just received his 2009 assessment notice, would be able to pay his tax debt by the due date which is several weeks away. This client has always paid his debts with the ATO on time and in full so why the telephone call now? Are the ATO, on behalf of the Government, so short of funds that now they have to ask a client whether he can pay his tax bill before it is due?
Thanks TAXVINE at least we have a forum in which to raise our many, many grumbles."

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