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MEMBER 64 writes:

“Further to Member 59’s comments – see 2014 TaxVine 17 (23 May 2014) – we have had a frustrating issue with debt collection, or more specifically early collection. We received a message from our office staff stating the ATO needed a call back regarding a client by 6pm on the 26/05. We looked at the client name, racked our brains and realised they were a client of my sole practice 8 years ago! So on returning to the office I rang the ATO. I explained that this was not a client of ours. She then asked for the client name and TFN to go through proof of identity. Again I stated, not our client, hasn’t been for 8 years so I do not have a TFN. I was then told that this must be the only phone number they have for the client so I need to update the client record. By this time I’m speaking through gritted teeth as I explain NOT OUR CLIENT, therefore I cannot update the client record. The end result of this 10 minute circular conversation was there is nothing they can do and they will continue to call us regarding this client as it is the only phone number they have!

What a waste of my time, for a client I haven’t even seen under our current TAN.”

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