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MEMBER 66 writes:

“In last week’s Member Feedback – see 2014 TaxVine No 18 (23 May 2014) – an ATO response on the debt collection issue included:

‘When a Tax Agent is no longer representing a Taxpayer, they can add or delete contact details via the Tax Agent Portal to ensure they are not contacted unnecessarily’.

I make the following observation – when a client leaves the Tax Agent’s practice in favour of another Agent, rarely, if ever, do they say goodbye!! Very often, the first we may know of their departure is a ‘lock-out’ advice when attempting to access the taxpayer account or obtain a Prefill Report. Once the taxpayer is no longer a registered client, it is not possible to make any changes, including the ability ‘to add or delete contact details’. Consequently, the inefficient ATO database retains our contact details, with us having NO ability to amend to avoid unnecessary future contact by the ATO.

I find the advice given by the ATO is wrong.

Or maybe after 25 years I still do not fully understand how to navigate around the ATO Portal???

I do enjoy reading the Feedback comments as they comfort me to know that my frustrations are shared by so many.

Thank you to all TaxVine staff and to all the contributors. A great way to start a Friday morning.”

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