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MEMBER 153 writes: 

"Love to receive TAXVINE each week, it makes me realise that I am not alone in dealing with the lack of enthusiasm which is currently endemic in the ATO. If they want something, you have 7 days, if we want something, well we will get an answer when they decide. After all, with all the outsourcing they are probably in a different time zone.

Member 150 mentioned the slow response times to Portal email requests. My client was fined for not lodging a couple of NIL tax returns. I sent a request for remission of penalties on 17 July 2014. The client received a letter from Probe Collections, I sent another email on 26 August 2014, another letter from Probe collections, another email on 23 September 2014 and now a threatening letter from Probe collections. What the bloody hell are they doing in the ATO? 12 months ago these emails would have been answered within the month, now it takes over 3 months. What a waste of taxpayers’ money as the ATO would be paying Probe collections for each letter sent for a non-existent debt. Come on ATO, pull your finger out and get your act together."