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MEMBER 98 writes:
"I refer to the comments by Member 75 recently - see 2013 TAXVINE No 13 (19 April 2013) - about the inability to lodge audit convention reports through the Tax Agent Portal and question why that facility should even be available on the Portal.
In the last 5 years, considerable time has been spent both by the Professional Associations and Regulators distinguishing the tax and accounting for superannuation funds from the audit process. Our firm forwards the SMSF to another firm of accountants and to an auditor that is not a Tax Agent, [but a] Superannuation Fund audit specialist. This, whilst begrudgingly done at first, has proven positive as we are able to have another examining eye over our work, clearly confirms problems and supports the hard decisions. Also I have just gone to considerable effort to be registered as superannuation auditor distinguishing me with specific qualification. The audit contravention report should not be anywhere near the Tax Agent Portal.
I have in the past sought to do an electronic contravention report, I gave up and completed the written form. As the Regulator, the ATO has to invest in creating a separate electronic platform and relationship with the newly commissioned superannuation auditor, not squeezing it between its rocky relationship with Tax Agents on the Portal and a massive web site."

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