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MEMBER 59 writes:
"I have been expecting for some time that the ATO would stop using cheques for refunds and I have been encouraging my clients to provide bank account details. However I have noticed on several occasions that even when details have been provided the ATO has forwarded a cheque. I received one today. Just another example of ATO systems not working.
If they cannot get it right now what will happen after 1 July? I hate to think."

MEMBER 60 writes:"In my opinion, no tax agent should be providing the ATO with the client's bank account details as they are requesting for the 2013 tax return lodgement season.
As far as I am aware the ATO as yet do not have any legislative authority to implement such rules and yet they are still proceeding ahead with this change and attempting to force all taxpayers to provide their bank account details. Some clients do not have a bank account.
Once again the tax agent is being made to process the refund through their trust account if they have one and the ATO do no work again."

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