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MEMBER 168 writes:


"With Centrelink not providing PAYG Summaries, I have had several clients call Centrelink to ask for a PAYG Summary who were told 'your Tax Agent has this, so get him to look it up'.


For Centrelink recipients to get it online etc, they have to register with passwords etc etc. Pensioners and recipients of Centrelink are not usually that computer and website literate so cannot do that easily. So the suggestion that clients get a summary from Centrelink does not really work.


And, of course, when the Pothole works very slow or keeps 'system unavailable', just terrific.


How can many private businesses have secured online real time website access that essentially works all the time, no hitches, but good old ATO Portal works like a recalcitrant donkey? Seriously, imagine if the banks online facilities worked like the ATO."



MEMBER 169 writes:


"I agree with Member 162 in last week's TaxVine - and, by the way, quite a few Centrelink recipients do not own a computer, and even if they do, cannot navigate anything more complex than facebook.


That is why they pay to get income tax returns completed for them.


In the past, if Centrelink issued a certificate, and then amended the certificate to accommodate the repayment of an overpayment (all too common), there would be a paper trail to work from.


Unless one has access to a client’s Centrelink record online, that paper trail is no longer available. Just one more added complexity to that which should be a simple affair.


Easing the public service burden of administration is fine, but not if it comes at a cost to those who cannot/should not bear the cost."