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MEMBER 248 writes, in response to Member 240's comments about rogue changes of address in last week's TAXVINE - 2010 TAXVINE No 32 (6 August 2010):

"Thankyou to Member 240 for raising the problems with the ATO addresses.

We have just experienced a nightmare of multiple clients not receiving BAS and IAS and after investigation the ATO has tagged them as address incorrect. When checking all of these different addresses, the ATO has on their system the right address - many for taxpayers using them for long periods of time successfully.

So what is really happening? The ATO has never actually sent any of them out, just tagged them incorrectly, removed them from the system and made no attempt at all at reissuing them.

Our staff have had endless problems trying to resolve this as the ATO at all levels will not recognise their system errors and many call centres actually refused to deal with us or reissue the "lost forms".

It also seems that we have been bumped off as tax agents on a large number of clients for activity statement status. When asking the ATO to help to add this large list back on, they are providing no assistance. They even refused to acknowledge that there was no interaction or request to remove us on their systems. They truly expect us to log on the tax portal or prepare new client update forms for every taxpayer they have incorrectly taken off our list.

We are disappointed that the ATO will not even recognise their substantial defunct administration systems. We have received many comments from ATO officers that it is normal for errors to occur and we should expect that as tax agents we are required to fix these issues. So the ATO has now dropped its standard of care and believe it is up to taxpayers and tax agent to sort out their messes as an everyday event.

Watch out for GIC and Late fees etc on clients who have not even received the forms to pay."

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