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MEMBER 160 writes:

"I have received a letter from the ATO claiming that they have overpaid the enormous amount of $12 to a member of a client SMSF as super co-contributions. Not only is the amount trivial, but the letter does not identify the year or how the ATO has calculated the overpayment. It’s like getting a bill for your credit card with no detail at all and be expected to pay. To pick up the phone or lodge a request for more information will cost a smidgen more than $12.

If we sent the bill to the client with no explanation they would rightly think we are dills. How does the ATO expect us to service clients properly with no supporting information? Why is such a trivial mistake not just written off? Don’t they know the cost of running a business and the cost to the Government of collecting such small amounts. No doubt the next letter will be from one of their friendly debt collectors at more cost to the Government!! Yes Minister!!"