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MEMBER 360 continues criticism of the ATO for setting a deadline for lodgment of overdue returns of 13 January 2011 to avoid default assessments:

"So, the ATO choose now to issue letters warning of default assessments if overdue returns are not lodged by 13th January 2011.

What impeccable timing. The ATO obviously are well aware of the fact that clients have nothing to do at this time of year, they beg for us to ask them questions to keep work flow going, they have no care whatsoever for Christmas and completely ignore the fact that school holidays are looming. It is also obvious that clients with outstanding prior years' returns are among the best organised and approachable that Accountants have.

Little wonder then that the ATO are so willing to help Accountants by giving them an opportunity to catch up these returns at a time of year when we also have nothing to do.

I for one am glad that I work in a Profession that is supported so thoroughly by the Authorities. God only knows where I would be now if I were forced to live in a society where my standing with the authorities was at risk because of my client's slackness and where my consistent 96% odd "on time" lodgment history meant absolutely nothing.

I am, however, going to be completely unreasonable on this occasion as I am unappreciative of everything that has been done for me by the ATO. I will be sending these ATO letters out to my clients with my own letter, advising them that I cannot possibly meet the deadline due to PREVIOUSLY promised time lines for my very unreasonable clients who DO provide me information on time and keep up to date with their lodgment obligations and regrettably, that they need to appoint a less ungrateful Tax Agent, of which I am quite sure there are very many. I mean, most of you are at the point of boredom these days, aren't you?"

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