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MEMBER 100 writes on this continuing issue:
"I have just received a list of clients who may disregard their notices.
Unfortunately, the Portal still shows these clients as having an outstanding Annual PAYG Instalment Notice. Can the ATO advise when this Notice will be 'Discontinued' on the Portal?
As an aside, I am surprised that some names appeared on the list particularly as they had debts greater than $3,000 because of investment income.  Can the ATO guarantee that it will not discover another error and decide to re-activate the Annual PAYG Instalment Notice?"
In a subsequent email, MEMBER 100 writes:
"The fallout of this is just commencing as clients phone to find out how they really are affected.
Firstly, the email has no telephone number to contact the ATO about queries regarding the error.
Secondly, for the client, there has been no tangible evidence that the Annual PAYG Instalment Notice should be disregarded except some email which also includes a warning about fraudulent scams and the ATO.
As mentioned earlier, some of the clients listed did not exit the Annual PAYG Instalment. Obviously, those clients have been instructed to disregard the Notice but does this mean that a replacement one is to be issued?
The ATO thoughtfully says 'We apologise for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused'.  They forgot to apologise for the present/future inconvenience."
MEMBER 101 writes a draft email to the ATO
"Dear ATO
Thanks for your email of 24 July 2014 advising of errors in your processing of PAYG instalment notices.
Your apology for confusion and inconvenience is also noted.
Please could you confirm that you have written (or will be writing) to all the affected clients.
We don't wish to waste our time attending to rectification of your errors.