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MEMBER 89 writes:

“Hi everyone – just on the phone again re ATO blunders. Today’s is receiving warning letters from the ATO addressed to individual clients for lodging 2010 tax returns late where the clients in question lodged their 2010 returns ELS after 15 May 2011 but before 5 June 2011 and paid their debt the same day of lodgment AS ALLOWED under the ATO lodgment 2010 concession guidelines which incidentally also read: ‘You are not required to apply for a deferral to receive the 5 June concession date’ which is exactly the opposite of what the Lodgment Section on FKC 133 said when I called them and gently chastised me for not applying for deferral before 15 May 2011.”


MEMBER 90 replies to MEMBER 88:

“Re Member 88 – see 2011 TAXVINE No 21 (3 June 2011)

Yes, every return lodged in the past 10 days has elicited a letter from the ATO saying they were late. What an extraordinary waste of resources (again).

Also this week the ATO advised another client by letter and associated document that they have been introduced (entered?) into the PAYG Instalment system and that they can pay annually or quarterly:

Quarterly amount 0

Annual amount 0

Total 0

What a gross waste of paper, and resources.

I am retiring from this mess. Thank you to the TaxVine team. You have helped keep my blood pressure down and remain sane. I will, however, miss reading the ongoing battle with the ATO.”


MEMBER 91 replies to MEMBER 88:

“Hi Member 88. The answer is yes – I have had letters informing taxpayers they lodged late when they definitely did not. I know if I send them to the clients they will think I am not as competent as I tell them I am and I have an unfortunate tendency to say nasty things about the ATO when I receive the letters. So I have discovered an instant and soothing solution (which doesn’t do anything about stopping the mail) is to shred them.”


The Tax Institute’s Tax Counsel DEEPTI PATON responds:

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We will raise this issue with the ATO and report back in a later edition of TaxVine.