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MEMBER 142 writes in response to the ATO's response in last week's TAXVINE - see 2014 TAXVINE No 33 (12 September 2014):

"I refer to the ATO reply in last week’s Member Feedback.

Both the ATO and TAXVINE have lost the plot. The purpose of highlighting a request for a refund of $1 is because this is a stupid request. The postage and paper used in the letter is greater than $1. The forwarding of the letter by the tax agent to the client costs 20 times this number. The time taken by  the client to make an electronic transfer of this $1 is also of this magnitude. The ATO already writes off late payment interest for much larger numbers. Let’s make this very clear, sending a letter requesting a repayments of small amounts is idiotic. I would say that amounts under $20 should be written off automatically that includes refunds."

TAXVINE DISCLAIMER: TAXVINE lost the plot? Member 142, TAXVINE is not responsible for either the ATO letters or the ATO's response.