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MEMBER 33 writes:

"I received a letter from the ATO this morning informing me that my practice requested a higher percentage of deferral requests for my clients compared to the national average (2.5%). The letter continues:

'We understand there may be unforeseen or exceptional circumstances where the use of lodgment deferrals is necessary, If we continue to receive high levels of deferral requests from your practice, we may contact you to discuss more appropriate ways of managing your lodgment program.'

I presume the purpose of the letter is to scare me into worrying about what will happen this year.

The problem is the difference in 'final' lodgment dates.

When we get to 15 May, we HAVE to lodge a request for deferral if (for the appropriate reasons) we can’t lodge those returns on time.

You can’t keep working after 15 May to try to get as many as you can in by 5 June (the 'virtual' 'final' lodgment date) and then apply for deferral of what is left to do – so you are FORCED into applying for deferral of everything back on 15 May.

Of the 47 returns I applied for, I would like to know how many were finally lodged by 5 June because no deferral was really necessary for those returns, but I haven’t got the time to go back and work that out.

Why can’t the 'virtual' final lodgement date be made the ACTUAL final lodgment date so that we don’t have to apply for all returns to be deferred on 15 May?"