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MEMBER 257 writes in response to feedback last week from Member 254 about missing returns lodged on ELS - see 2013 TAXVINE No 44 (15 November 2013):

"I too have a problem like Member 254 last week. I have 2 returns lodged on 3 August and 18 September 2013 both of which are showing 'not lodged' on the pothole yet I have validation reports for both.

A colleague of mine had a similar problem and was eventually told by an ATO staff member that returns can be 'lost' at the gateway and never forwarded to the ATO. What a brilliant system. Luckily both my returns are debits so I had better ring our fearless support staff at the ATO and chase them up. My colleague was told to 'Lodge them again' but she refused to. Another week, another stuff up (or should I say SNAFU?)."


MEMBER 258 writes:

"In response to Member 254's issue about lost ELS tax returns, I too have had lost ELS tax returns. I lodged a trust tax return on 4 September 2013, along with the associated company and individual tax returns and others, however it was only the trust tax return which is lost. I have had other issues with tax returns not necessary so I eventually contacted the lodgment program department who said the lost ELS tax returns was 'a known issue' and many returns have been 'stuck'. I emailed the lodgment department on 26 October 2013 about this and other issues and they replied on 28 October 2013 saying phone 137286, FKC 1311 and get them to look into it. I phoned the number and FKC and was transferred to another department. I received a phone call on 8  November 2013 and asked to send a copy of the tax return to the ATO. I sent it the same day, however am still waiting for the tax return to be processed."


MEMBER 259 writes:

"I had a similar issue a few weeks back with an individual return.

I called the lodgment confirmation section of the ATO (137286 FKC 1311/1312) with the validation number and gateway details from the original lodgment. The ATO 'investigated' what had happened.  I was contacted a week or so later and advised the return was stuck in the gateway. I was required to lodge a 'no change amendment' to push the original return through. The return has subsequently been assessed, as an 'original' assessment.

I hope this is of assistance to Member 254."