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MEMBER 184 writes:

"The difficulty old people have now lodging their income tax returns has opened a whole new market for Tax Agents (not one we want).

Whilst 2,000 taxpayers 90 years and older lodged their tax returns on line, I would hazard a guess that 99% of them had assistance from their children and or, more likely, grandchildren. I guess the ATO can be encouraged by all these people completing their Centrelink forms too, although I do not know anyone in the sixties that can do this without assistance.

Last year I had one of my 80+ years carpenter clients (yes, still in business) complete his tax return by ringing up the ATO and spending 3 hours on the phone. The result, the return was wrong but still non-taxable. This year, after nine years completing his own simple return, he came back to me.

I guess the harder the ATO make it for people to lodge tax returns, the less likely they will."