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MEMBER 251 writes, in response to comments in last week's TAXVINE - see 2013 TAXVINE No 43 (8 November 2013) - about the ATO's decision to discontinue sending paper Activity Statements to accountants who lodge those forms electronically:

"Thanks to Members 243 and 244. It was interesting to read that the ATO is no longer going to issue paper Activity Statements, well good on them. Another decision made without consultation. Talking to the big end of town is not the same as talking to the accountants in the small country towns and suburbs.

The stupidity of the ATO bureaucracy is becoming more evident every day. Not every small business is bolted to a computer liked the people in the ATO. The truckies, brickies, chippies, sparkies, tradies, oops sorry to be speaking in tongues, but the ATO may not know what these words mean. They are the people who need the paper copy of the BAS. Their office is their truck or ute. That is where they keep the sun faded paperwork that we have to interpret every quarter, (love the petrol dockets).

If the ATO does insist on sending BAS and IAS by email good luck in getting email addresses relevant to these people because I sure as hell am not going to give them my email address. How will people get the document ID number when the pothole never works?

I have enough trouble now picking up after the ATO without now becoming their messenger boy.

I may be persuaded to assist for say $350.00 per BAS (plus GST). This should cover my overheads and out of pocket expenses in doing the work of the now redundant Tax Office."