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MEMBER 190 writes:

Most of my assessments are mailed direct to the client or I only get to see them after my office checks the NOA & it  doesn’t agree with our estimate.

It was good to see an 8 page NOA a few days ago that was made up of perhaps 10 items. Well done to the person or  persons who got rid of the old system of 1 -2 pages and introduced this great system that so many other Members have  been writing in about.

This matter should be taken to the national media, highlighting the ATO’s incompetence and inefficiency in dealing with one  simple piece of paper. Sorry 8 simple pieces of paper.

Surely the complaints & frustration just by those in the Taxation Institute is but a small reflection of tax agents Australia  wide. I do not believe the ATO have any intention of looking into this unless they are made to look the fools that they are by  bringing this to the Nation’s attention.

Oh yeah! Welcome to a paperless society. I am happy to give my 8 page NOA (minus name & TFN) to be used as an  example of the ATO’s stupidity.

Finally I would like to thank the ATO for giving my clients (sometimes in the tens of thousands of $) refunds on their NOA  when they haven’t paid their PAYG in the Integrated Client Account. Then; of course sending my clients at a later date, a  threatening letter saying they haven’t paid their ICA. Duh!

Good to see that which they introduced years ago by transferring unpaid ICA to the ITA then 2 years later realising how  stupid this was and stopping that system only to return to it again. This is another example of the ATO’s failure to be able to  provide us with a workable tax system.

They can stuff something up one day and take months to fix it up. That is if they really know how to fix it up?

Isn’t it time the ATO stopped making excuses and apologised nationally, especially to us agents  for their continual stuff ups.

MEMBER 191 writes:

"Good afternoon to the hard working people!

Another comment re the Statement of Account printouts.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought a grand part of the new processing system was to integrate the Tax Account with the Integrated Client Account. Seems that the system does not work. How surprising??

My latest example arrived today...client received a refund cheque for the small amount of $79. Strange, considering I understood he had a payable overall.

So I checked the Portal. How unusual to find that the refund was generated from the Income Tax account while the Integrated Client Account showed a liability amount of $4,657!!!

And the accompanying Statement of Account declared a Nil balance!!!

So much time spent investigating anomalies, not recoverable from the client, caused simply by the incompetence of the ATO systems. The change program has cost millions of dollars and has achieved no gain whatsoever, in my humble opinion.

And I understand that the computer specialists responsible for the implementation have decided it is all too hard to rectify and not renewed or extended their contract with the ATO. What state of affairs are we to be left with, especially as the 2010 tax season is on our doorstep?

The Taxation Institute must continue to pressure the ATO to improve their customer service standards, because I, for one, am not satisfied with the service I receive from the ATO. And judging from TAXVINE comments, I am not alone.

Keep up the good work, and have a goodweekend!

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