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The ATO responds to an issue raised by MEMBER 37 in 2014 TaxVine No 11 (17 April 2014) about phasing out paper activity statements.

“We have received positive feedback to our planned change of stopping paper activity statements for electronic lodgers. It is seen to be a step towards the Government’s initiative of increased electronic interactions.

We understand that many clients’ email addresses are not up to date. Unfortunately at this point in time there is no bulk process we can offer for this work.

If you plan to lodge your client’s first activity statement after the change via Standard Business Reporting (SBR), the portals or the electronic commerce interface we ask that you talk to your clients about the preferred email address for activity statement notification. If the preferred address belongs to your clients, keep a record for when you next lodge their activity statements.

Regardless of which email address is used, you do not need to update all of your clients’ email addresses prior to 1 July; you can do this as you lodge their next activity statement.

We are updating our web page about Changes to managing electronic activity statements in the near future, which we hope will assist with the change.

We have taken your feedback on board. The transition of our electronic lodgment service (ELS) to SBR will provide improvements and benefits, including the ability to manage bulk transactions. Bulk transactions for client updates is likely to extend to email addresses, but will not be available until the service has transitioned.”

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