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MEMBER 142 writes:

"I am hearing in different forums that the new POI requirements are causing lots of concerns and have led to increased time on the telephone dealing with the ATO. We have experienced two instances recently that meant that we could not deal with the matter as the POI was impossible for us to get past:

1) Client family trust which had been dormant of many years. No tax returns, no ATO generated notices (trusts don't get an assessment notice in most instances!) within the last 5 years...nothing. Therefore we were advised that because we couldn't satisfy the POI they could not proceed further with the call even though we were able to identify full correct name, agent number, TFN, ABN, address, postal address, trustee details etc.

2) Similar problems also exist for new clients where we couldn't get the client added on the Portal because the ATO system was not recognising the trust's name (ie: Trustee for XYZ or the many variants that existed before they introduced on-line registration). Once again we were not able to satisfy the POI to proceed any further.

I am sure that there are many other practitioners who are also experiencing similar problems with POI and are frustrated with the system.

On a similar note, whenever the people from Baycorp or other debt collectors call I now refuse to continue with the call because they cannot properly identify themselves and the client under similar POI procedures. Plus it really gets under my nose that tax agents are been used as ATO debt collectors to follow up client debts!

Thanks for the forum TTI and allowing us to put our opinions forward."

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