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MEMBER 148 writes:

"I'm getting a bit 'annoyed' of POI and the ATO.

My problem is that when we call the ATO we have to give all this information including shoe and undie size and yet when the ATO calls us they require us to give them information to confirm who we are!

My point - The ATO called me not the other way around

  • If I doubt they are from the ATO I have to call back and waste ½ hour on the phone waiting on the phone. ( I have doubt each and every time the ATO calls me not just sometimes)
  • I can request a Fax or an Email. I could fake those in 2 minutes. Faking a header (ie from an address) on an email is very easy. I really have no proof the person calling me is not from Nigeria/ Romania or East Walla Walla

My suggested answer:

On the Portal we could load two passwords or passphrases of the Week / Month - one for when we call the ATO and one for when the ATO calls us.

When the ATO call us we confirm our Agent number and ask what is our password/passphrase of the day - Password to call Agent.

When we call the ATO we provide our Agent number and password/passphrase of the day - Password to call ATO.

Using this system we have a secure system for when the ATO calls us OR we call them. And no hunting around for old docs or call backs. The Passwords could be set to change every Monday and this could be loaded on the Portal."


Thanks for your suggestion. We will raise this suggestion as part of our ongoing discussions with the ATO about making it easier for agents to comply with POI requirements.

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