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MEMBER 168 writes:

"I am currently away in Alaska off the coast on a ship.

I received a call from the ATO last Friday whilst out of my office, I asked the person to call me back again at about 4.00pm on that day and I advised them that I was going overseas the next day and I wanted to assist them. I was advised that there was a problem with an activity statement of one of my clients. Needless to say the ATO never bothered to call me back.

Today I have received a call from the ATO again. I missed the call and then called them back on 137286, FKC 1. I had the call answered and I explained to the phone operator that I was in Alaska. I advised the TFN and the client's name, next I was asked for a document ID number, how ridiculous of the ATO staff to think that I actually carried all of my client's files with me, when I had advised them that I was on a ship and trying to help them.

I had the call transferred to a supervisor and once again I failed the POI checks as I was away and I did not have a document ID number with me.

When are the ATO staff going to actually believe some tax agents and actually try to help us instead of making our lives miserable?

I explained to the ATO supervisor that if they did not assist me then I would write to TAXVINE, I was advised that I could do whatever I liked.

I was advised the call was being recorded and then I advised them that as they were not interested they could call me back after the end of September when I was returning to Australia. I then advised that I was terminating the call.

This is just so inept and incompetent that they have no idea that a tax agent actually called them from overseas to help them and yet they are so inflexible and unable to help us at all. It is time that the tax agent community demand and received a far better deal and arrangement form the ATO.

Perhaps TAXVINE can exert some additional pressure to the bad employees who seem completely unable to think by themselves.

Thank you TAXVINE"

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