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12 Oct 1212 More on POI

MEMBER 205 writes, in response to Member 203's comments about ATO debt collection telephone calls and Proof of Identity procedures - see 2012 TAXVINE No 38 (5 October 2012):

"I had similar issues re an old tax agent number (to which the client is no longer linked); I also have a very individual surname. The 3rd POI requested by the caller was the client's residential address. My response was to inform the caller that I was not at liberty to disclose same – at which point he became 'slightly' agitated, and advised that if I could not provide same, he would have to terminate the call...

My thought processes went something like this: 'Do me a favour - terminate the call - I have already spent 10 minutes jumping through your hoops out of courtesy; there is nothing I can do re the client debt other than to pass on a message; this is a waste of my time and of yours; next time don't bother...'

Instead, I agreed (politely) that the call be terminated...what a waste!"

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