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08 Feb 1313 More on Portal woes

MEMBER 14 writes:

"It is now Thursday midday in sunny Perth and apparently I am 'Permission denied' again, or something similar.

Having the Pothole being unreliable, and stopping and slow for days at a time, is wearing thin...

And, of course, to add some good old insult to injury the message goes onto to say '...please contact your System Administrator'.

So, as the message says it is my system error, I will go and give my system a boot right now.

Are the people that script these messages that arrogant to tell us/imply it is our system's fault, or [what]?

Does the new Commissioner value us as much as the former one did, more or less, I wonder?"

MEMBER 15 writes:

"With the Portal unavailable to our firm all this week, I find it frustrating that they cannot fix a simple problem such as letting agents log in to view their clients' records. I would think that if they were a commercial operation, they would have been bankrupted by now.

There goes my lodgment program percentages."

MEMBER 16 writes:

"There is only one thing to be said about it [the Portal] and that is that it is total rubbish. Its availability, on a day by day basis, is a total lottery. When the ATO managed it, it worked OK. They then allowed another government department to manage it and ever since then it has had nothing but trouble. It wasn't broken but they had to fiddle with it. Recently they made a big deal about the fact that assessments may be viewed on the Portal. This would be possible if the Portal worked!!!"

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