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MEMBER 188 writes, in response to Member 180's feedback in last week's TAXVINE on pre-filling totals:


"Hear, hear, Member 180, I agree wholeheartedly.

The ATO promise to help us as much as possible. They created the Pre-filling Report and its features. Not perfect, but a good work-in-progress as an aid to the tax agents. But why remove something that was helpful and working. It may seem a simple, minor point, but removing some information previously provided does seem to me to be a backward step. How about the boffins re-instate the features that we all find useful, and ask us (all) if we want something removed or changed.

I am currently so frustrated with the inability to access the Portal at all during the morning, that any further comment from me would not be complimentary in any shape or form, so enough said!!!!

Have a good weekend."


MEMBER 189 writes:

"Quite right, Member 180. Please bring back totals on the Portal."