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MEMBER 74 writes:

“To Member 70 (2015 TAXVINE No 12 (10 April 2015)) – yes I am and I am not impressed – it is only the numbers that mean something that don’t seem to fit.

And to Member 69 (2015 TAXVINE No 12 (10 April 2015)) – I have experienced the Human Services system and I am sure there is an ulterior motive. I heard Hank Jongen (General Manager – Communication, Department of Human Services) on the radio the other day responding to complaints about not being able to get through on the phone, the web or by fronting up at the counter, with the excuse that the government has all kinds of demands on it and they could not possible provide more staff as a result. I think the motive is to discourage people from applying for benefits and saving money as a result but maybe they should look at their own way of operating.

I have accompanied clients wishing to plan their retirement and needing to determine their eligibility for a pension. That experience is – phone – forget it – the most common result is a busy signal – Website messaging – there is a warning on the site that it is not really useful for urgent matters because they may take some time to get around to answering – my experience is two messages sent over 12 months ago and neither has even been acknowledged – and finally front up at the counter – you are met by one staff member (when the queue in front of you evaporates) who takes your details and then allocates you problem to another who will see you after a few hours wait and then will deal with your problem but do it but taking instructions and providing feedback to someone in another location via the Bluetooth headset they are wearing. Overall it gives the impression that none of the people you actually see can do anything for you.

Oh and by the way. Don’t rely on them to keep any records – the documents you drop off are shredded and their records of dealings don’t go out further than 30 days which is why they ask for all those Mod C and Mod T for company and trust details all the time.

Come on Hank – don’t worry about more staff – just fix your system and get the current ones to do something useful.
Thanks for the ability to vent!!”


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