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MEMBER 72 writes:

“Love the weekly newsletter and the Member Feedback, it makes me realise that I am not alone in this fight against the stupidity of the ATO monolith.

Totally agree with Member 70 (2015 TAXVINE No 12 (10 April 2015)), why change something that is not broken. Reports now print out with no numbers on the right hand side. ATO get your act together.

Totally agree with Member 67 (2015 TAXVINE No 12 (10 April 2015)), why have a reporting system that does not work. How can we determine what clients need to be lodged if we cannot get the details? I have been trying for 2 weeks to get a printout but no comment from the ATO on another non-working item. Yet another working system messed up by the IT gurus in the ATO.”

 MEMBER 73 writes:

“I agree with Member 70 (2015 TAXVINE No 12 (10 April 2015)) regarding the print-unfriendly nature of pre-filling reports. Surely, it is not rocket science to create a form that will print all the information on the right hand side of the page?

A further issue with the ATO’s much loved portal has arisen since maintenance was done on it. I can’t get to the Auskey screen when using Mozilla Firefox. I click on the login hyperlink and nothing happens. When I phoned the portal help line, I was told it is a known issue and was told to delete my browsing history and cache as a work-around solution. This is really not good enough. It really seems that the ATO often seems to do maintenance which causes damage instead of making improvements! It looks like they see what features are not broken and decide to ‘fix’ them anyway.

So, for now I am using Google Chrome to access the portal. However, once that browser is upgraded, the ATO says I won’t be able to use my Auskey with that browser.

What kind of programmers are the ATO using? Imagine if a bank or other business made such a mess of their customers’ on-line access portals! Not happy Commissioner!”


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