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MEMBER 184 writes:

"The changes to the Private Health Insurance fiasco continue.

Out of all the codes they’ve created, there isn’t one for a partnered couple where each has a separate policy or even if, on the same policy, each is claiming their respective ½ share in their own return. 

Don’t the ATO consider this ever happens? Well, I can assure them that it does.

The lack of thought in this whole area is absolutely amazing and, even more, disgraceful."


MEMBER 185 writes:

"I have clients who did not have to lodge last year (under the Senior Australians threshold) and only lodged a claim for imputation credits.

When they came in this week, I had referred to Tax Pack Instructions, page 6 (which says that they MUST lodge if they were entitled to a private health insurance rebate) and told them they would have to lodge due to the means testing of the Health Insurance rebate.

Today, eLink 33/13 has an article that includes a link to an ATO website page which now says (under the heading 'Do you need to lodge a tax return to claim the private health insurance rebate?') that my clients do not have to lodge a return if:

- their income for surcharge purposes is below $84,000 for singles and $168,000 for families

- they claimed all their private health insurance rebate from their health insurer as a premium reduction

- they have no other reason for lodging a return

So which one is correct, please?"