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27 Aug 1010 More on refund delays

MEMBER 272 writes:

"I would like to thank the ATO for the $3.70 interest paid to my client. Return lodged 14 July 2010, Refund received 21 August 2010.

Refund $2,552.04 + Interest $3.70 = $2,555.74

Tax in 2011 on $3.70 Interest Received = $1.76 from $3.70 = $1.94. My client will be so excited to know that, from the organisation that for no reason other than they can and did hold onto his refund for 39 days.

I have advised my client to remember to put $1.76 aside for next year to ensure that he will pay his fair share of tax on the extra $4.00 (rounded taxable income).

His wife and 2 young children living on his single income of $705.67 per week clear after tax will be so happy with the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner’s generous taxable gift.

Shame on you, James O'Halloran.

I hope you are happy counting your weekly pay cheque (which I am sure would be more than $705.67 in tax each week - you obviously are not worried about your refund being processed in 14 days) while the real commoner struggles with you and your department's pathetic attempts at telling us all is well when your department is underperforming, is behind, is ill informed and is basically one of the most useless government organisations this country has ever had in my close to 30 years in this job.

Maybe you can send us tax agents another email followed by a hard copy telling us how wonderful you and your department are. Maybe by stretching the truth again and talking about 14 days you may continue to try and con us that 14 days (30 - 40 days in many cases with substantial refunds) is actually real.

You said "Please note that even though we often process electronically filed returns in less time than our service standard, it is important not to rely on us to process them in less than 14 days."

You also said "We ask that you and your clients wait the full 14 days before making any enquiries about the progress of returns."

We can't ring after 14 days. Your staff will not speak to us in under 30 days.

Or are you not aware of this?

Sleep well. Dream pleasant dreams. Dream of more ways to update us with more misinformation."

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