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MEMBER 223 writes:

"When is the media going to be made aware of the continuing stuff up that is the ATO? This is an election year and I'm sure the general population would love to know that their much valued tax refunds are being held up at the ATO due to incompetence and the waste of space that is the bureaucratic nightmare in Canberra!"

MEMBER 224 writes:

"Today, 27 July 2010, I received yet another statement of account with zero balance...this is not unusual!

What was "rare" was the fact that the ATO in its munificence actually advised that it had "forwarded to your nominated financial institution" a refund of $0.01. It utterly amazes me that the new improved, more efficient, change program, ad nauseam compliments for new software cannot deal with these refunds in a better fashion. For example, we are not notified when client accounts are thousands of dollars in credit and the client is due a refund or the funds should be transferred to another of the client's account which is in debit due to use of an incorrect remittance advice.

I plead with the ATO to "pull up its socks" and not inflict these matters on us and our clients who just shake their heads and wonder "what the" is going on in the ATO.

Yours in frustration and time wastage (including this letter)."

MEMBER 225 writes:

"Now they (the ATO) are sending cheques to clients who requested 'fee from refund' and we have to try and get our fees from these clients. What next?"

MEMBER 226 writes:

"I am receiving numerous phone calls from clients whose friends have used etax and already have their refunds, while I have had only a trickle so far. I checked the Portal for the latest complainant, and found I lodged on 8/7, it issued 20/7 (surprise, surprise within the 14 days mandate) but the credit is still sitting on the account, no refund yet to my trust account. When an assessment notice finally issues I suspect the issue date will be 20/7 making it look like I've sat on it for a week or two. Are they undermining our businesses by stealth? My staff are already flatout taking appointments, doing all the admin without having to follow up every enquiry re lack of refund. I am certainly noticing the lack of cash flow also. The ATO says use EFT to get refunds quicker, but these are EFT to my trust account and still not done 7 days after the 'official' issue date. Not Happy Jan."

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