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MEMBER 204 refers to the ATO's response published last week - see 2014 TAXVINE No 45 (5 December 2014) - to the suggestion made by Member 192 in the previous edition of TAXVINE - see 2014 TAXVINE No 44 (28 November 2014) - that the ATO should align the response time that the ATO requires of taxpayers and their agents (currently 10 days) with the minimum response time that the ATO allows itself (28 days). 

Specifically, the ATO said: "A standard 28 day response timeframe may not always be appropriate depending on the nature of our enquiry or the priority of our request. Response times are tailored to provide sufficient time for people to address their obligations. In circumstances where additional time is required, always contact us as soon as possible to discuss the details."

MEMBER 204 now writes:

"If I wasn't laughing so much at their [double standards] I would be crying.

Well done TAXVINE on another year of informative updates and a shoulder to cry on."