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MEMBER 222 writes, in response to comments by Member 214 in 2013 TAXVINE No 37 about lodging "return not necessary" information on the Portal:

"Regarding RNN and FRNN forms, when we were actioning our client list to reach the 85%, obviously CU forms are useless (simply don’t work), and sometimes the Pothole would not process a RNN or FRNN.  Therefore we lodged Nil ITRs for any old forms and a Final Nil ITR for the current year. These lodged via ELS solved the problem, more work of course to do NIL forms but seemed to be the only way to resolve it. 

I noticed on the ATO System Issues listing there are some 7 listings for the issues surrounding RNN, FRNN and not lodged topics. April / May 2014 is over 6 months away until we have to go through this again, so when can we expect these 'System issues' to be fixed???"