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MEMBER 16 writes:

"I applied to the ATO for a private ruling 163 days ago. It has been 'escalated' once and now given 'the highest priority'. The ATO's service standard for a private ruling is 56 days!!. The person in the call centre told me there isn't a 'service standard' for the highest priority rating and suggested I ring back in a week if I haven't heard anything.

How is it the ATO can get away with giving no regard to time deadlines? If I or my clients are ten minutes late with a form or payment the ATO is down on us with threats, penalties and GIC. Different when they have to meet a deadline though. Would it be reasonable to expect things work both ways instead of just the ATO's way?

Also what is it with the call centres following the introduction of the wonderful change program? When we call we are always asked if it's Ok to be put on hold for a few minutes while they look at the files. A few minutes can blow out to five minutes and I thought the pain we went through while they implemented the change program was going to improve access to systems.

I find the ATO's service is hopeless and getting worse."

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