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MEMBER 45 writes:

“To Member 43, on Simple amendment requests - see 2014 TAXVINE No 12 (24 April 2014) - my dear Member friend, from prior experiences with the inept ATO re amendment requests, I suggest that in future you enter your client, or a new client for that matter, on your Portal data base and establish the client in your income tax data base, and then lodge an ELS amendment. That should take 28 days.

Unfortunately, manual ATO amendment requests take 50 business days to process, which is absolutely ludicrous, incomprehensible and unbearably inefficient. I have chased the ATO re a very recent 2012 year manual amendment request that sat on someone’s desk for 50 business days. I spoke to five different ATO officers who advised that the amendment was received but is still being processed; totally inefficient and extremely frustrating to say the least. I lodged a formal complaint and seven days later the amendment was issued, with interest credited to the client.

What a lot of heartache when the amendment should only take 14 days. It is time for the ATO to shape up.”

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