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MEMBER 33 writes: 

"Really appreciate the comments from Tax Counsel Thilini Wickramasuriya about this new proposal from the ATO.

This will be a very backward and retrograde step for the ATO, it will not really stop any red tape and is ill thought out.

Where is the small business person going to get the funds to pay all of the payments to the ATO in the one time?

Time that the whole truth is told to the public and The Tax Institute members, there is no such thing as Standard Business Reporting (SBR) enabled software and will not be in the future. What is really being done is that the ATO are building a new way of sending data to them which they are erroneously calling SBR, this is definitely not SBR in the true sense of the words. This is only a generic name for a delivery mechanism.

There is no way any small business would be silly enough to provide to the ATO all of their raw data in the true way that the real SBR is supposed to be designed.

As stated earlier the biggest problem is the additional cost placed on small business and the increase in red tape to keep the ATO happy.

Really not good enough at all."


MEMBER 34 writes:

"This is really off the planet! 

What has not been done is clearly explain that no small business has the cash reserves to be paying wages, PAYG tax and SGC super all at the same time just to keep the ATO happy.

Many small businesses currently use a small payroll program and if forced to go this way then I will not use one at all.

This is a Utopia looking through rose coloured glasses!"