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MEMBER 269 writes:

"I guess my question is: if the system works fine why change it?

It seems to be another case of the ATO passing the buck to Tax Agents in order to save a few dollars.

Every time I have attempted to access the Pothole this week I have had a message my Java software is not up to date. Sorry ATO it is.

If you want us to rely on Electronic Systems you need to make sure they work.

Can’t wait to retire."


MEMBER 270 writes: 

"Thank you The Tax Institute and ATO for posting the responses etc on this topic.

Those practices that operate with all paper BAS going to their client first will be impacted, as confirmed by Member 265 - see 2013 TAXVINE No 47 (6 December 2013).  And I suggest those are sole/small partnership practices with limited resources, so the impact will be significant, with this being done for the June quarter, and you have a very big negative impact on small practitioners.

I ask the ATO to have this measure at this time as a voluntary measure.  TAGs have a choice as to whether they take up these arrangements, or actively opt out if it becomes too hard to manage. Then if this process really is going to be an advantage to practices then TAGs will take it up. If it really is going to save us time and hassle we will use it.

If TAGs don’t take it up then the ATO is going to know that changes might be needed to make it work better.

So rather than enforce it upon us, let us have a choice, if it really is as good a system as you say then we will take it up. Proof in the pudding (Christmas pudding)."