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MEMBER 86 writes: 

"Further to Member 83's comments in last week's TAXVINE - see 2014 TAXVINE No 24 (11 July 2014) - regarding ATO staff identification on phone calls, I agree. 

Why can’t the ATO set up a password identification? They possess the agent's phone number, e-mail and registration number. Often ATO staff will not give details of the ATO officer's surname or originating office. This further hinders communication and security. In addition to verbal requests where a written or documented request could be made, the communication request is often to send information to the general address of the ATO in the capital city! What happened to the speedier e-mail response directed to the enquiring officer? I am seriously thinking of not responding to any phone enquiries, at greater delay to my clients and the ATO. How long before I get a call awarding me a $900 credit at the ATO if I give them my TFN and Bank Account details? Oh, they have that already!"