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MEMBER 108 writes: 

"Just read the ATO response on the 85% lodgment requirement - see 2014 TAXVINE No 27 (1 August 2014) - and I am flabbergasted at the ATO 'concerns' to our concerns!

The issues raised by Members 94 and 95 - see 2014 TAXVINE No 26 (25 July 2014) - were raised when the 85% requirement was first proposed a year or two ago. I can recall writing to TAXVINE's Vinefeedback about it.

The ATO states: 'We understand the concerns of practitioners and through the working group are aiming to refine the program to address these concerns'. What a load of rubbish, if they were sincere and did understand the situation outside the ATO they would have addressed this over a year ago.

Hence, I believe that the continuous 'bad press' the ATO has been receiving about the myriad of issues has finally made them act on all feedback from hereon. It is Vinefeedback that has generated this new attitude by the ATO and better late than never. I hope the ATO addresses legitimate concerns in a far more timely fashion in the future.

I appreciate the Tax Officer that called me about a matter I previously raised in Vinefeedback concerning the closely held entity reports and trust that that matter does get the attention it requires and is corrected.

All plaudits to TAXVINE's Vinefeedback and The Tax Institute members for getting the ATO to realise that our concerns are for a better system and not directed at the ATO per se but at the terrible systems that they keep foisting on us with little or no testing."