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MEMBER 77 writes:
"Dear fellow sufferers,
The ATO this week have made my life complete...they have sent me my lodgement performance report to 9th April.
94.3%...aren't I a good boy?
But wait...this is my worst year ever? In fact up to date I have lodged only 50% of my returns for the year and we are struggling, mainly due to external issues! At the moment we are working 7 days a week for a mere 12 hours a day (note to self, must lift that up by 2-3 hours...don't want the ATO to think I am lazy!!)
Does the report help by showing me what similar practices are achieving? Yes...87.5%...great, I'm ahead? Gee, the rest of you guys are obviously in a heap of trouble?
But do they show me how other firms are progressing? No, they don't supply those figures, the figures that would actually MEAN something.
What an absolute load of rubbish. More 'help' from the ATO that does no more than take up my time and raise my blood pressure. This report is worse than useless.
As it stands, if I lodge not a single further return I will have a lodgment performance BY THEIR measure of 94.3% until midnight 15 May.
I suppose I can relax until then?
On a 'happier' note.
I did however get the latest ATO survey to do (more of MY time wasted to help THEM). So I filled that out to tell them exactly what they could learn by reading here or actually talking to some accountants:
1. The Portal is unreliable.
2. The 'millions' spent on new computer systems has been wasted.
3. The lodgment programme targets are unrealistic.
4. Changing/abandoning ELS is likely to be just as 'successful' as the current computer.
5. We and the ATO are not 'all friends in the same game'.It seems to me that anybody who has been working in tax for more than 20 years is considered a liability to the ATO to be gotten rid of at the earliest opportunity because WE remember when the tax system ALMOST worked.
Well let me give YOU some comfort ATO, you're getting there fast with at least one..."

MEMBER 78 asks:
"Can you please advise where the ATO reports outlining the lodgment performance are? It has been months since they sent us one. Have members been receiving these? Is there a special place we need to register for these now?"
THE TAX INSTITUTE'S TAX COUNSEL, STEPHANIE CAREDES, COMMENTS: "The latest interim performance letters in relation to the current year Lodgment Program were issued to tax agents by email from the ATO between 18 and 22 April."

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