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MEMBER 106 writes:
"I have just received a phone call from Dun & Bradstreet as representatives of the ATO regarding a client's debt.
When the person's name was mentioned my reply was that this person had not been my client for many years (at this point of the conversation I had no idea when this person ceased being my client). I told the lady from Dun & Bradstreet that this was the second call from them in the last year about the same former client. She then said they would remove my contact details from the record.
Out of curiosity I searched my client database and found that the one and only tax return I prepared for this former client was in 1999. I suggested to the caller that the ATO should update their contact details for this taxpayer. I wonder if there is a privacy issue here as I was being called about the tax debt of a person who has not been my client for 15 years."