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05 Mar 1010 More on the ATO shutdown

MEMBER 28 writes:

"How long will the disruption caused by the ATO system upgrade & consequent shut down go on for?
EFT reconciliation summaries take days late if at all, assessments taking forever to be received, long delays with processing of assessments and the only response I can get from the ATO is that "it’s due to the shut down".
Is there anyone actually doing anything to try & fix the problems? It certainly doesn't look like it.
I lodged a 2009 tax return on 22 December 2009 and despite promises from the ATO the assessment wasn't issued before the shut down. The portal now shows that it has been processed but with an effective date 10 days later. Why is the refund being held for 10 days? Unfortunately no one can tell me – it’s just due to the shut down.
People in the ATO call centres obviously have no idea of what is going on, nor do they in the Tax Practitioner Services area or the Tax Agent Portal area which happen to be the same people by the way.
The handling of the upgrade by the ATO has been nothing short of appalling and the worst thing is no one cares or seems to be trying to help tax agents.
Is there any chance we can get some information that might be accurate and that will let us know what is happening? No doubt we will get the usual thanks for our patience and understanding line from the Commissioner that will be supposed to make it all OK."

MEMBER 29 writes:

"It's great to get feedback on the number of assessments which have been processed by the ATO. Could the ATO please now mail them?"

MEMBER 30 writes:

"Some practitioners are very lucky to have received some outstanding assessments but to date we have not received any assessments for tax returns lodged on 22 January 2010 or after. Why can't the ATO get their act together and do something about it. If we, as tax agents, came up with an excuse that we could not lodge returns for months because our computers are too hot or too cold the ATO would issue fines galore. Maybe we should fine the ATO for every return not assessed after 21 days."

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