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MEMBER 154 writes:

"If the ATO want to sit in as an observer to watch how a BAS is prepared then we can all volunteer to reciprocate by going to ATO and looking at how they work. An article in AFR this week noted that sick leave in ATO is well above other government departments. This may explain why it takes ATO 12 weeks to review a return as they have to wait 12 weeks before someone returns from sick leave to do any work. While we are in their offices observing we can show them how time is money and if you attend to your work immediately, clear the query, make the tax agent happy, make the taxpayer happy and avoid the irate phone calls then the ATO employee can then feel a lot happier, contented and won't have to take a sickie.

Does the ATO want to observe how the BAS is prepared as a training session or does the ATO employee want to gain some experience in preparation for leaving the ATO and moving into private practice where all of the real work is done to keep the tax system afloat?"

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